Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February

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February, the month of love .....  I have always loved February.  I love that it known for hearts, pink, red, flowers and ANYTHING feminine and pretty!  I am a lover of pink.  My whole home would be filled with pink if hubby would allow it!  

I do try to squeeze pink in here and there with decorating.  Maybe a pink pillow or a throw with some pink in it.  Tablecloths, napkins and linens always have a some pink in them....those are the little things that hubby doesn't notice. 

February is usually the turning point up here in Minnesota.  The days are noticeably longer and the sun's heat is beginning to gain strength.  We normally have what is called a "February Thaw" and it gives us the promise of spring and what is to come.  

Tomorrow is good old Groundhog Day and that little furry creature will decide our fate ..... 6 more weeks of winter?  Up here, whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, we ALWAYS have 6 more weeks of winter so what he determines by popping his head out of the ground, doesn't have much bearing for us.

So while the rest of the country waits in anticipation for Mr. Groundhog, I will hibernate with my quilt, my kitties, a cup of tea and a good book or a knitting project and pass the next 6 weeks with the mindset that I will have to patiently wait for the pussy willows, the buds popping out on the branches and seeing the daffodils desperately trying to struggle through the snow, looking for that sunshine.  

It's okay though, I don't mind.  That is the joy of living where there are four seasons!  Patience will award you with the next one when Mother Nature decides it is time.  

Wishing you the best for the month of February and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Seasons? What are these seasons of which you speak?!?! ;)

    When I lived in VT as a kid, we joked that VT had FIVE seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Mud. Mud being the thaw time between Winter and Spring.

    1. We celebrate those seasons too CM! LOL

      Have a wonderful day. :0)

  2. It sounds so cozy with the quilt, kitties, tea & book ... Enjoy the weekend & February!

  3. The nice thing about seasons is they do eventually change. :-)

    1. So true and I hope spring arrives early this year! :0)

  4. how I long for seasons....we have them too but they are called wet and dry! Seriously, there is not enough change in seasons for me where I live. I long to see snow in winter and the trees change colour with the seasons. Enjoy your quilt, book, kitties and tea.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

    1. Thanks Cath. With the way the weather is changing, you might just start getting different seasons! :0)

    2. Thank you for the wonderful cards.
      Please pass on my thanks to you students.

      M :)

    3. I am glad you got them Melinda. They were excited to do them and I hope the kids enjoy them! :0)


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