Thursday, February 7, 2013

Three Pin Thursday

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Good morning my friends and to my new followers!  I am so glad you joined me and I wish you the warmest of welcomes.
Thursdays are my Three Pin Thursday post from Pinterest.  My top three favorites for the week!
I am focusing on garden pins this week since I am beginning to think of spring and beginning to get excited with the thought of getting my hands dirty once again!
First up.  This is just amazing!  What a lawn ornament!!!  Made entirely from old shovels.
Large pine cone made from shovel heads. REALLY big pinecone ( need this in our pasture close to the highway)
Next up, a great way to start your seedlings!  When ready to transplant, just pop the whole works right into the ground.  Clever!


good idea, start your tomato seeds like this then put the whole thing in the ground when you plant them, the tomatoes will thrive off the egg shells

And lastly, just because I think it is ADORABLE ...... what a cute addition to downspouts ..... and I would want mine yellow as well!
Water can rain spout
There you have it.  My top three garden pins for the week.  Enjoy pinning and remember to give your loved ones a hug!


  1. Great pins Debbie. I especially like the "pinecones"!

  2. I had never seen any of those ideas. I'm always amazed by people's creativity!


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