Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apologies and Anticipation

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I have to apologize to my readers who might have been waiting for the tutorial and recipe of the Artisan bread. I still had enough from yesterday so I didn't need to make anymore today. Tomorrow I will definitely be making the rest of the batch so I will take pictures and give you the recipe.

Today happened to be sunny so we spent the day outside buckling a few things down, changed the oil in the four-wheelers and just enjoying the day.

I did make a quick trip to is my most favorite store ever! Bob needed some work jeans and I was able to pick up a couple for him. I also found a few craft supplies that I have been needing so it was a great shopping day. It is great when I can find things at thrift stores...not only does it save me money but it saves on the landfill sites.

The St. Louis River that runs through town.

Tomorrow will be a day of baking as my Mom is coming for a visit on Saturday. As long as I can keep the guys away from the goodies, I should have some for when she is here. I will run to pick her up and I will be taking my camera with me. I have to get into the habit of taking it with me everywhere as I am finding that when I forget it, the most beautiful opportunites come up that you might enjoy.

My Mom lives in Canada so it is a three hour drive each way for me. Hopefully the weather holds out as they are calling for snow on Saturday and Sunday. I am excited for her visit so we can have a fun time together and we will be hitting all the thrift stores in town and we are planning a day trip to Duluth where they have awesome thrift stores. I really want to check out a few other stores as well (for Christmas gifts) but I can't mention which ones in case Bob or Luke read the post.

Off to make myself a cuppa. Thanks for the prayers for Amy and Baby Monkey. She appreciates all your positive thoughts.

Give all your loved ones a hug! :)


  1. I hope you enjoy your time with your mom this weekend! Did you get any sun today? We did, finally!

  2. Looks like you had beautiful day, looking forward to the recipe. I really want to learn to make a good loaf of sandwich bread (whole wheat). Have a safe trip!

  3. Hey there!
    I just love your blog... DH and I are just starting out with our little homestead on the edge of town... a few years down the road we'll have a farm, but for now this is where we are. :D Thrift stores are just the greatest eh? I love my thrift's walking distance. :D The best deals EVER!
    I was wondering if you have any tips on dehydrating...without a dehydrator? We really can't afford one right now... I found a way in the Encyclopedia for Country Living but I'm still unsure as how to do it. Hope you don't mind me asking!

  4. I have several thrift stores I frequent for bargains and what-nots. Love to go "junkin" (as I call it.) Have a good time with your mom!


  5. Good morning (here at least!!) Love the pictures you posted DC and am glad that you are taking your camera as you head out and about!! I'm looking forward to your bread recipe and pictures too!! Be sure to capture some snow pictures if indeed there is some when you travel with your mom!! Enjoy her visit!! MM


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