Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Pics and the Ride Home

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Before taking my Mom home, we had to get some family pictures. We won't be seeing her again until Christmas and we miss her a lot.

Bob and Mom

Luke and Mom.....Luke is 6 feet 7 inches tall so he kind of towers over her!

Me and my Mom.... I HATE having my picture taken! UGH

After the pictures, we loaded up the car with her belongings and shopping finds. The car was pretty full! This is about 1/2 way between where we live and Canada. It is a small town of Virginia ... a mining town. Very pretty but it was very overcast that day. They have 10 of the big windmills lining the hill...unfortunately you cannot see them in the picture because of the clouds.

That was our adventure when my Mom was visiting. A lovely time and always a joy to have her. Miss you and love you Mom!


  1. Holy! Kid is tall! Great pics, tho! :)

  2. Mahalo for posting the pictures of you and your family DC!! We love how you all look!! MM

  3. Great family pics, Debbie! Thank you for showing us you! :) (I'm not a fan of having my picture taken either, so I know how it feels to put it out there on the net!)

  4. Great pics lovely family I think you look great lora88


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