Saturday, October 24, 2009


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Living way out of town we don't receive many trick-or-treaters. We usually only get three. Yes, three. One is the daughter of a couple of friends of ours and the other two are really young children that are friends of ours as well.

Since we only have three visitors...and it is so much fun to see how they are dressed since we don't see many.... we do things a little different around here.

I always have pumpkin cookies, cakes and squares ready along with hot apple cider and hot coffee for the adults. They come in, sit and visit, have a treat and when they head out the door, the children receive a trick or treat bag. The bags are really quite large and include a couple of little toys that I think they will enjoy.

So the pumpkin is ready .....but the baking has to be done yet. I won't bake until the day before or else Bob, Luke and Pasie will have everything eaten! This time of year is what I term 'the holiday season', as after Halloween is Thanksgiving, then deer hunting time and then Christmas so most of my time is spent in the kitchen cooking and baking or else I am decorating the house.

Busy times are almost here but I love them!

What do you do for Halloween?

Linda, please email me at tattoolady51 at hotmail dot com concerning the clothespin bags. Thanks! =)


  1. We have the same situation, no neighbors but 1 across the field..and they have a grandaughter that visits in the summer. We go to my sister in laws....She LOVES kids and goes all out. Meal for friends dropping in wine etc. She buys the good candy so I always leave with my own goodie bag (Blush) and half sick from gorging on candy!

  2. No trick or treaters here in the past 28 years!! All of our fun is done in the preschool - goodie bags, searching for little pumpkins with treats (sort of like hunting for Easter eggs)!! We have been working on decorating the preschool for the past two weeks! The children love hearing Halloween stories from all the books over and over!! It's a good time to differentiate between real and pretend too!! have a wonderful Halloween!! MM

  3. We dont do Halloween here in Australia..well some shops have afew decorations,but no trick or treat etc.
    Sounds like fun though :0)

  4. Sounds like a great tradition. We get quite a few kids in our neighborhood and are taking our little monkeys out, so no time for a neighborly visit, but I really love the idea!

  5. Even though we live in a subdivision in town, we dont get many trick or treaters, either. Maybe a dozen or so. Kids do safer things for Halloween nowadays. Sounds like you make it special for your little friends.


  6. We get a ton of trick or treaters. I adore seeing what the kids are wearing for costumes. I'm really looking forward to halloween this year for a few reasons... Kaya is old enough to enjoy it. She was also old enough to choose her own costume ( a witch ) it's fun to watch her excited.


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