Monday, October 5, 2009

We are back!

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We are back! After 19 hours, Bob was finally able to fix my laptop. He stayed up all night formatting, deleting and re-loading everything. I have had viruses before but this one was bad!

I could not access anything! It was just horrible. I hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

Once Bob was able to get things fairly back to normal, we headed to the hairdressers.....Bob needed a haircut REALLY bad! My Mom is coming for a visit this weekend and he always wants to make sure he doesn't look like Grizzly Adams (remember that show?) when she comes.

I just had to take a before and after picture!

Before..... I was calling him the Shaggy Dog.

After. At least he isn't so hairy!
We returned home after he tormented the hairdresser. I quickly heated up some leftovers .... I made hot roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes and gravy and then we hit the laptops. We each have our own and sit together on the couch, enjoying our own sites.
Ahhhh, things are back to normal.
Thanks for being patient. I am glad to be back.
P.S. Lisa, the giveaway you won was put in the mail today. I hope you enjoy. :)


  1. Tell him he looks younger! Glad he got your computer back up. It's hard do go through withdrawal! LOL


  2. Glad that you are back on line DC!! Your DH has amazing perserverance to stick with it and get you back up and running!!

    Love the haircut!! Where are your pictures? MM

  3. Hey ! Glad your back online. I have to agree, he looks 5-10 yrs younger!MMMM Good leftovers!

  4. I had to laugh about the grizzly adams comment thats what I call my dh when his hair gets like that tell your dh he looks great and glad to see you back

  5. Glad you got the computer issue taken care of. Wow, he does look very different with long hair and short hair. But don't we all? Laugh. Thank you so much for the dish towels, bath salts and other stuff. I love them!! The dish towels are awesome!!

  6. Looking good uncle Bob!!! Tell him he's still ugly though!!!! lol


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