Saturday, October 3, 2009

Simple Saturday

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Another day of cold, rainy weather. I didn't feel like venturing outside today...I am just not use to the change yet. I still dream of warm, sunny afternoons that were spent in the garden, walking around the property, sitting by the pond watching the ducks and going for a nice long bike ride. Where did summer go? I miss it so.

Mr. Scarecrow welcoming visitors.

I spent the day finishing up the Christmas shawl for Pasie. I am just adding the fringe on now and chose to do a little baking between chores around the house.

Autumn swag by front door.

I made simple cupcakes with orange icing ...... kind of an Autumn/Halloween theme today. This is what is left out of 24! The guys eat them up so fast, that nothing spoils around here.

The woodpile sits....waiting for the next bonfire....

In the firepit.

The leaves have changed so rapidly since the even snowed a little last night but nothing that stuck around. My clothesline looks so barren and lonely. Fresh clean sheets hung outside in the warm breeze will have to wait for next year.

Autumn always looks so barren and soul-less as the trees, grass and plants die off for another year.

All we have left is our faith to bring us around again to spring next year.


  1. I love the new look to your blog! I may have to give mine a new autumn look, too. And, yes, it is hard to say goodbye to summer. We are still green here in Oklahoma, but once the leaves fall and the trees are barren, we'll be plain ole brown for months. That's the hardest for me, gray days and endless brown.


  2. Always love your pictures and now the new look - terrific!! Please enjoy your autumn and cold weather for me!! MM

  3. It snowed up north! Ugh. I really dislike winter. I do like fall though, however, this year I'm indifferent about it. I do love looking at the trees and watching them change. You live on beautiful land though. I was daydreaming today about living on more land out of the city.

    Cupcakes! Yum. They go fast around here too!

    I hope you enjoyed your day!

  4. Debbie, I LOVE the new format! I love the graphics! It's awesome! Great pictures today, as well!


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