Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snow Day!

Pin It A snow day! Yep, the kind of dreary day where the clouds hang really low in the sky and you can almost see those flakes dancing around inside them waiting to drop on unsuspecting!

The flakes were huge and what a mess that type of heavy snow makes. We had to dig out the insulated coveralls (a must around here), winter boots, hats, gloves...everything.

Look at the size of that snowflake...right in the middle! They were soooo big.

The roads became slick and dangerous as it had rained for hours before the temperature dropped and the snow began to fall.

Then Bob and Luke just had to take out the four-wheelers to slip and slide around like the crazy guys that they are!

I could just envision broken bones, flipped wheelers and lots of mud.

They did arrive back safely though....while dragging in mud, grass, snow, wet clothes... just in time to eat a hot dinner.

Off to clean up the mess they made when they walked in the to find enough registers to put the boots, hats and gloves on. It is going to be a loooonnnng winter.

P.S. Give your loved ones a hug! =)


  1. NOoooooo! No snow. Laugh. I've lived here all my life and I'm still not used to the winter! Looks like you guys know how to make the best of just about anything thought.

  2. 30c (86f) here today! Definately NO snow :0)Actually never any snow,Id love to have a white Christmas.Our Christmas is usually very hot,Christmas dinner is either a BBQ with salads or just cold meat and salads.Just too hot for the turkey and veg etc.Im looking forward to all my US and Canadian blogger friends Christmas photos!They will be so different to mine ,lol.Have a great night.

  3. Your pics made me smile Men never really grow up they just get bigger Stay warm out there lora88

  4. I seen the weather channel and you are getting it good up there,stay warm and dry and maybe it won't be too bad!


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