Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow, Nasty Roads and Canada

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Saturday morning I woke up to this.......

SNOW!!! The worst part wasn't the snow but the ice that had accumulated on the roadway over night. Very slippery.
I wasn't looking forward to the three hour drive to pick up my Mom in Canada but it had to be done.

Rock cuts along the way.

After I gassed up the car, cleaned off the windows and bought myself a cup of coffee, I turned the radio to my favorite channel.... National Public Radio and off I went.

You can see the layer of ice on the roads in this was slow for about an hour. Then the roads began to get better as up north they didn't receive as much precipitation as we did at home.

Don't the evergreen look pretty?

After driving for three hours, I reached the Canadian border. Here I am passing from the United States into Canada! I have crossed this bridge about a million times in my lifetime....nothing special for me. =)

My Mom was already packed and waiting for me when I reached her house. We loaded up the car up and headed back right away. We chatted all the way to try and catch up on the gossip. Dinner was ready in the crock pot when we walked in the door and were ready to hit the bed after our tummies were full of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies.


  1. Beautiful pictures Debbie, glad you had a safe trip there and back! BTW, I love your new blog page, so warm and inviting.

    Stay warm and keep being simple,

  2. Wow...looks like winter up there. Glad you and your mom made it safely on those slick roads. We don't get much snow in Oklahoma, but we do get ice. Your crockpot dinner must have smelled wonderful when you walked back in the door after a long drive. Stay warm!


  3. Great pics, no snow or even a frost yet! They are calling for it by weeks end. Off to visit my Mom in the morning, 7 am flight UGH!!

  4. I want to go up north and even to Canada now. Thanks for sharing your photos!


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