Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments yesterday. Yes, I think I am ready for him to leave..... I can't be selfish even though I want to keep him home forever! He has matured alot since leaving high school and it is time for him to go. I don't know what first interested him in Norse Theology but he could tell you a bunch about it already. He has always found that topic to be fascinating and I am excited that he is following his dream.

It has been a beautiful day today...much work being done outside. We are not going to have too many more days like this so we have been enjoying the sunshine. I have been reading two very good books lately that I had picked up at Goodwill.

Living a Beautiful Life is an elegant book with delightful suggestions on how you can turn dull, irritating routines into life-enhancing rituals. It has simple ideas on how to make your home a lovely oasis of tranquility. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Simple Pleasures of the Home enhances your joy in being at home, whether baking an old-fashioned apple pie, soaking in a pine-and-bergamot scented bath, or falling into bed amid lavender dream pillows. The book includes so many wonderful recipes and how-to's that I want to try them all!
My Mother enjoys writing poetry and I have one of hers to share with you that describes exactly how I feel about my love with books....
My love affair with books
Started when I was small
A lonely child can find the world
Between the covers of a book

I'd hold a book in my hand
And be filled with anticipation
I would never know
Where I would be going or who I would meet

As I got older and my interests changed
I met Kings and Queens in foreign lands
I learned how they lived and how they ruled
The people in their realm

Rich people, poor people
Through books I learned to know them
Their lives, their pains and joys
Their hardships and their heartaches

As I grow old I hope my Lord
Will see fit to grant my wish
That my eyesight never fails me
So I can read 'til my dying day.

Have a great evening everyone and give your loved ones a hug! =)

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  1. DC - I sure wish that you lived closer so that I could borrow both of those books!! Love your mom's poems - expresses my feels exactly and eloquently!! Mahalo for sharing it!! MM


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