Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Best Friends

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Not only is family priceless but so are friends. When I moved from my hometown to live with my hubby in another city, I not only gave up spending time with my family but with my best buddies.

Erin and Ryan are those best buddies. Erin and I had worked together for many, many years at an elementary school and had become very close. We still are but we cherish our time together even more now.

They visit at least 2 -3 times a year and we look forward to when they can come and spend some time with us.

Erin and her doggy Rufus.

Not the most flattering picture and I am sure I will hear about it when I talk to her next time but I think she is adorable anyway.

This is her husband Ryan. He is just as goofy as she is. He is a true hunter and fisherman and loves the talks he shares with Pasie when they are together.

The guys. These two are inseparable and dangerous for practical jokes when together.

Here is Erin at her best. She and Barb were having a blast one evening. This picture represents Erin's goofy nature that I love.
We miss these guys very much and unfortunately I don't have a picture of their two children Matthew and Morgan. They also come and never want to leave! The arguing that goes between the kids and the parents is amusing when it is time for them to head home.
I miss these guys very much and love them with all my heart. They both have been the best friends that a person could ask for.
Don't forget to give your loved ones a hug! :)


  1. It's so important to have those good friends! I know how much mine mean to me, and, like you, I definitely don't get to see them enough.

  2. My best friend moved to Utah, and although the miles and the years separate us, we're still close. It's good that you guys are able to connect and share more good times!



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